Anyone on LB speak/write Latin?

Title says it all really. Giving it a shot at learning and I wondered if anyone here spoke/wrote Latin, wouldn’t mind me bugging them about declensions and word order as I try to get to grips with this.

The language doesn’t seem far off from Japanese and has a few similar parts which I am hoping will help, and the words themselves are quite similar to the words we use today, since a lot of them are derived from the Latin originals.

Kaos, I really want to learn too, there is a website which sends you lessons weekly, can’t remember where it is now, but will try to find it again.

Chris got 13% in his year III at school, which doesn’t qualify in my book as being able to teach it to me.

When back from holidays will liaise about this

Mrs J:)

Sounds like a plan, so much easier if learning with someone, as it pushes you forward, also a good opportunity to practice speaking on ride-outs.

Check that out if you get a chance, I think it is pretty basic, but looks like a good starting point.

Did it at school but from all the texts we read the only thing I remember was: Ovidius poeta in terra pontica exulat… :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Learned Latin for 6 years in school, but that’s over a decade ago now, can barely remember a thing. Do recognize words here/there taken from Latin, and once in a while I still do understand stuff, or when looking at something Italian/French, may be able to sort of decipher it, but that’s about it…

siIs there a way I can subscribe to this in the new foerunm!>

Legend… :smiley:

Nice will give that a listen monday when I got some time, will be useful to hear them spoken aloud.

nos willelus et isabella antiqua terras et novus maneria ecclesi sancti Henrici damus et confirmamus

Pretty sure that says: We, William and Isabella, give and confirm the old lands and the new manor to the church of Henry.

But not entirely sure :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmmm…I did latin at school, and more usefully and for reasons only my mother knows for two years before secondary school in private lessons.

I also did classical civilisation for A-level which included some latin texts.

Mind you, that’s ages ago.

but some of the rules are firmly embedded even if the vocab has wandered off.

If there’s anything I can do to help, just let me know


As a Grammar school pupil - I bunked quite a few Latin lessons…so can advise you on the best place to enjoy a crafty ciggie without getting caught - but sadly my Latin is limited.

ps. Without wishing to come across as a pedant or my being too argumentative, spoken Latin died out a while back Kaos :wink:

You not going to work in Currys are you?

To quote a episode from Alan Partridge “Surely you have a basic understanding of Latin if you work in Currys?” :slight_smile:

True but a lot of it is still spoken in court rooms and by judges and would rather get a handle on the proper spoken word than look even more of an idiot mispronouncing the words, more of an idiot than speaking Latin in a cockney accent anyway.

I’d like to learn a language - Italian appeals - as i’d love to live there for a bit.

I am quite fluent in latin myself don’t want to brag about it of course. But man of my calibre needs to be amount of Latin birds I have had over the years, Latin American’s are the ones…

Anyway the only phase you need mate is PEDICABO EGO VOS ET IRRUMABO. Say that to a latin bird your be a hero in there eyes trust

Mmmmmm. me thinks dat u drop da klanger…


Can’t believe judges ‘speak’ Latin in court. You mean they use the odd Latin phrase right- ‘Habeas Corpus’ sort of thing?

Obviously lessismore.

Studied latin for many years. My most famous mistranslation of english text was ‘non pedere timet’ which wasn’t ‘he is not afraid to walk’ but is ‘he is not afraid to fart’.