Anyone on here ride for SERV

Came across their website the other day, SERV, and have decided to volunteer as duty rider.

Anyone else doing it at the moment or has done it?

I did consider it a while ago, but couldn’t work how I could fit it around work.

I do however donate blood so it can be run around. Have now donated a gallon of the red stuff.

Do you donate?

Never done it, nor considered it, but I would like to say I have the greatest respect for people who give up their free time, for no monetry reward, to do something for the betterment of society… so good luck to you!

Yeah I do this.

I’m on the Kent rota and usually end up on call a few evenings a month.

Many years ago i used to ride for Emergency Voluntary Service which as far as i know no longer exists. Used to do the same sort of thing that SERV does now.

i would love to do this…

giving somthing back would be great!!!..i work shift work so i guess it would suit me…


Every 16 weeks ish for the last few years.

Hoping to be on the Kent rota from Jan.

how often do you get called out mate? you get called in the middle of the night if there’s a real emergancy?

i would’nt mind atalll…just trying to get a picture asall…


I have a friend who does it and he works Monday to Friday with his day job and then tells SERV what hours and days he’s available. He’ll do the 24/12hr call out cover once to twice a month on a Friday or Saturday and they’re more than happy with that.

At the end of the day, you’re doing them a service so they’ll happily adapt to your work and personal life.

Good luck with it m8! I admire anyone that does this and I may sign up one day!

Depends on your availability and which area you cover.

In Kent we tend to have good cover, so I usually end up covering two days a month; from 6pm to 6am. We will have two or three people on cover, 1st, 2nd and 3rd call out. We try and rotate which call-out you are so that you are not always first call out.

You get the call, where to pick up and where to drop off. Because the blood/platelettes etc come from St Georges, it works like a relay. Someone who is on call from Surrey will meet you at the hand over point, do the exchange and you’ll deliver the goods.

In other areas where they need more cover, I know that the volunteers tend to be busier; but it is all down to your availability.

I’ve offered to cover daytime, Boxing Day to get out of going around the out-laws

I used to attend St Georges for check ups on my legs. Technically I still need to go but I think I was struck off when I was going through my divorce and eviction. Kinda had more important things on my plate!