Anyone on here ride an MV Agusta?

Just saw a woman careering round Hyde Park Corner on one of these, followed by two copper bikes, before being promptly pulled over outside Hyde Park. Not something you see every day :w00t:

did she take her Lid off? was she pretty??? it is all worthless if she was a Pig!!

I was too far away to tell, definitely had a nice figure.

Was she blonde? There was a girl who used to go up the ace who I’m sure rides an MV, from what I remember she is a decent rider.

Nope, brunette. She certainly looked like she knew what she was doing though from what I saw.

And why shouldn’t she? And what is so odd about it? Grow up.

A mate of my brother-in-law rides an MV Augusta… Says it’s a lovely bike but expensive when it comes to parts.

Because being on a motorcycle doesn’t make you a good rider by default?

I’ve only ever seen one of those bikes before, let alone one involved in a police chase around Hyde Park Corner, and I’d say 95% of riders are males, so that’s why it was a rarity.

Sorry…I’ll ask your permission next time I want to make a thread.

Now you know how we ladies feel when the majority of you lot take your lids off. Oh, the disappointment…

lol, touché Mon’ Amie!!!

Well, your sample spectrum to choose from is way bigger and less disputed too.

Was it one of these lovely ladies by chance - some of LBs finest :wink:

I think i pulled the red head last week :pinch:

That’s got to be the best reason for tinted visors that I’ve seen in a long time :w00t:

And just for the record, I am NOT peeved that he’s got better legs than me. I’m not. I’m really not… :smiley:

I do ride an MV but I’m a dude, sorry for any disappointment, ha !

Gianni is the only person on here that I know who rides one, he’s a suave Italian with longish hair - easily spotted by his inability to zip his leathers around his boots! Hope it wasn’t him!! :w00t:

Id be suprised if they were still around. This was posted in August last year! :w00t: