Anyone off to Silverstone this weekend?

As per the title? Anyone else coming up?

I waited until last minute to book my tickets and camping (after the fiasco last year I would never go near the place if there was a hint of rain*) but now booked up and riding up tomorrow.

4th year in a row with general admission, one of these days I should book a seat.

*It will never cease to amaze me that the Thai race last year was better organised than the horror that is Silverstone every year. Finish race, walk to gate, 3 buses waiting, and within 15 minutes you were in town. They must have had 30 buses just ferrying people to your choice of town / airport / train station for free.

Not this year, though I did get a nice offer of a Ducati grandstand ticket last week for Friday and Saturday but had already made other plans.

Glad to hear them buses are free, everyone pays enough money to go.

Yep working it.

In a response car on Fri, looking after the medical cover in the pits on Saturday and manning a corner on Sunday

Not a bad weekends work :sunglasses:



Beats my usual weekend of just walking around for 3 days trying to decide where to watch the race and then just plonking myself down on the first corner I see on raceday!