Anyone near Epsom I can borrow a battery charger from?

KTM is refusing to kickstart and want to try and charge the battery to see if I can get it started with the e-starter… but can’t ride to anywhere due to busted shoulder :frowning:

I’ve been known to collect dead batteries (even remove them from the bike if need be) and drop them off to the OMC to let them charge before returning them (and re-installing ofc).
Drop me a PM if interested.
I don’t charge for my time.

Just don’t go on a long trip and leave your parking light on, draining a battery that I charged the day before. We wouldn’t know anything about that, would we Ally??

I got one!! Not sure when I can drop it off though… Either Monday or Tuesday . Let me know .

well it may be the battery, but it may not be… tbh the battery hasn’t worked in a very long time as for the past year I’ve only kick started it and that worked fine. Now it’s sat for a very long time and kickstarting just isn’t working…

There’s a lot of things it could be but don’t want to make you take a trip for something that might not work :slight_smile:

Amit Both Monday and Tuesday are good with me… do you come past Epsom? If so whereabouts and what time. I can leave the office for 5 to meet you or we can work something?

Again, please don’t make a special trip to Epsom just for this, only if you’re passing through :slight_smile:

Alex, don’t worry… You are only about 15 minutes away…

Any excuse to get on2 wheels… If you neen anything else, just let me know… Will pick up what I can for you.

Wow isn’t this place great… only posted last night and today Jaime offered to bring me his optimate and a cigarette charger I needed as he’s on his way to his mum’s… :slight_smile:

That’s two offers of help within less than half a day. Awesome stuff :slight_smile:

Hey Alex,

For me it goes like this:

  1. Light switch off
  2. Use whatever choke you would normally
  3. Pull in decomp
  4. Kick over about 8 times
  5. WAIT 30 seconds!!!
  6. Good hard kick all the way down. I prefer to stand on the bike, if you have a centre stand?

Repeat this twenty or so times and it should go.

That’s roughly my technique but without the waiting… :smiley:

Anyway Jaime brought over his optimate and battery is charged but it doesn’t want to tick over.

Will take it out in a bit, hit the decomp and kick it for a bit before trying it on the e-start… if that doesn’t workI’ll have to get looking at things.

I do know that if they haven’t had valve clearances they are a bastart to get started to maybe that’s what it needs…

The waiting is key, seriously!

Try draining the carb with a Philips screwdriver, just have something to catch the petrol with first!

Hmmm I need to find how I do that first…

Thanks Martin, tbh it needs a service+MOT but I’d like to get it going to get to the MOT first obviously :smiley:

Thanks for outing me Charlie!! Turned out not to be the battery in the end - more on that later!!