Anyone near Dulwich/SE21?

Hi folks, is there anyone in or near Dulwich that could spare 30 mins to help out an LBer with a problem?

I’m from oop North, the family’s all oop North. My brother rents out a flat in Dulwich, tenants gone super quiet and might have disappeared. As the only one in london he’s asked me to have a quick visit to see if there’s signs of anyone in. I have a set of keys.

Given that I’m built more like Jet than Rhino from Gladiators, can anyone spare half an hour just to come with?

Lets be clear about this-this will not be a kicking out exercise, I am going there with permission, purely to observe. Tenant is/was a family man, not a gangster. Probably not a good idea to do it alone though.

Thanks- Chris.

I’d imagine it will be fine if you turn up out of the blue mate. Take some ID with you, showing who you are etc… Knock hard on the door and then if you don’t ge an answer try the keys. You’re there with permission from the owner, so you should be ok. If it kicks off call the police on the emergency number.

Alternatively, if you think there may be trouble, call the met police non emergency number (03001231212) and explain the situation and request a unit to attend to prevent a Breach of the Peace. They should be more than happy to sit in the car outside and make sure you don’t have any agrevation. If you want them to be discreet they can park across the road.

Hope this helps mate… :wink:

grand advice from RR, hope you got it sorted CGB:)

Thanks for that RR, I assume this is your line of work?

Will get it sorted next weekend-too busy riding tomorrow!

Just found out he has gone to visit dying uncle in nigeria-should be fun :slight_smile:

wot he means is hes gone up north to send stolen goods to nigeria

I’m down the road mate if you need a hand. I’m out next sat though (Easter egg run) but otherwise can lend some flab