Anyone near Bexleyheath, Kent?

I’m the other side of the station by Manor Park. Got a Hornet right now as a loaner while my CBF 600 gets fixed. I’m up for meets at Blackheath or elsewhere at any time for the next fortnight as my wife’s back for a visit home in Estonia.

I’m in Bromley - Hayes anyway - Black ZX12

Yep, can’t complain! :smiley:

Wellll, I’m planning on being at BH at around noon on Saturday to fortify myself with bacon and tea before heading off up the motorway.

Anyone else fancy meeting up?

don’t see why not. can confirm later

I get to BH tea hut a fair bit, but the last couple of times there were quite a few hoodies on peds pratting about so not that keen on the place anymore.

Pratting about in an “I’m going to kick your bike over” kind of way? :unsure:

I think I’ll brave it - those bacon sarnies are just too good not to!

Hello, Im from Maidstone, but work in (well near) bexleyheath, Welling actually, Im up for a hoon

Well, if anyone fancies a bite at the Tea Hut tomorrow lunchtime (about 1ish), I’m the one with the long hair on the black SV :slight_smile:

Heading off up to Cambridge after stuffing my face, but hopefully I’ll see some of you there!