Anyone moved/living/working in Spain? Advice needed!!!

Haven’t posted here in ages however I have kept an eye on the forums, anyhow I am in need of some opinions and advice in regards to relocating to Spain.

My questions are as follows:

Is Spain better? Is it hard to integrate, is there a lot of bureaucracy? Anything that I wouldn’t take in consideration which you guys got hit by. Any advice in making the move (registering there, bank accounts, can I use my motorbike there and for how long, do I need MOT for it and insured there? any insurance companies that do insure foreign bikes or do I need to register it as a Spanish vehicle? etc etc etc)

The Plan would be to hire a van from them companies that do UK to Spain and Spain UK van hires, 1 way. I was also thinking to get the ferry from Portsmouth to Bilbao to cut some of the route. Get my essentials clothes computer and bike gear, the motorbike as I will need something for commute. Wait a few months see how it is then do the full move including my missus and maybe buy a place here. The properties are quite cheap now and if **** happens I can always come back to UK and have a holiday home in Spain.

Also if any of you are there by all means let me know as I could use some friends not to mention if you know of any long let good agencies that won’t screw you over. I am looking at San Roque/La Alcaidesa.

Again, any help is much appreciated.

I would suggest you PM Garret, but not sure that is his name on the forum any more.

He made the move to Spain and seems quite happy, so hopefully would be able to give you loads of advice.

Hmm could use his wise words, also think he did but not sure if he is still active.

yeah garret he is on here as mightlife

I’ve lived in Spain for about a year, still have a house there and have lots of Family there.

  1. The economy is absolutely terrible right now. The official unemployed figure is 27% but among young people that number is more like 50% plus (young people in Soain is up to about 30 years old). So, if you have a job to go to then great, but don’t go assuming you can get work easily. You can’t.
  2. Houses are cheap but there are many sellers who still haven’t “admitted” what home prices should be (and the banks are actively trying to avoid revaluation of homes because they will have to admit their losses). There is massive oversupply in Spain and because many young people live with their parents and have no jobs the local buyers aren’t going to be buying anytime soon. Foreign buyers will buy homes near tourist areas. If you buy in a beach resort, make sure you get “1st line” or very close to a beach - because they are the ones that will hold their prices long term.
  3. Bureaucracy is HUGE in Spain. It is always hard getting to live in a foreign country and Spain is no different. Be prepared to spend time on simple things. Getting a bank account is fine (one thing they do well is banking), but all else is tough - helped a lot if you speak Spanish.
  4. Pace of life is slow there. Shops and businesses shut for lunch (2 to 3 hours), fiestas (once or twice a year, usually lasts a week), Sundays, August, and pretty much other any time they feel like it. If you miss something the Spanish will shrug their shoulders and say “Mañana”

My view - great place to holiday or retire to, but the next 10 years will be very tough financially there.

And watch they dont do a tax grab on ya … this seems to be becoming the way the Germans want the olive belt to get some euros together .

Really? :slight_smile:

Yeah, from a customers point of view, banking (High Street) is quite well done. They are hot on customer service. I went in to a Spanish bank to draw a large amount of cash (I was buying a property and it was normal in those days to pay some money under the table). The manager knew I was coming (they only had about 1 hour notice) and arranged for a member of staff to walk me and the money across the town centre so that my cash was insured all the way. Try that in a British bank. I’ve tried to draw £10k from a UK bank and been told I needed to have given them at least 24 hours notice. They gave me the money in the end but not before lecturing me about the rules for drawing MY MONEY out of my account.

This about covers it, I have been here since 2007 and am getting ready to relocate back to Blighty. Job prospects are bad going to worse.

Drop me a line and we can talk.


I will keep an open mind and I hope more people that made the move will reply and give us some advice. I could also use knowing some good garages then again being stuck in the sun all day I should start doing my own service however I will still need the parts.