Anyone looking to do DAS in April? Great offer price...

Is there anyone interested in doing a DAS course in April with me, and getting a very inexpensive price? It needs to be someone confident and experienced on a manual bike; I’m looking to do a pretty intensive DAS course. We would both need to do the training and exams at the same dates/times.

Camrider ( in Hendon have a great offer on at the moment. If we both book the same courses on the same dates/times, we only pay for one set of training (we both still have to pay for the test fees and insurance). Split two ways, this works out as:

1 x training fees = £416
2 x DSA test fees @92.50 = £185
2 x Insurance @48 = £96
Total = £697

== £348.50 each, all inclusive!

The training would be made up of two training days, followed by the actual mod 1 and mod 2 exams (with some training before the exam and an escorted ride to and from the exam centre).

I am looking to do this from around the 12th of April or so, final dates/times to be agreed. This offer must be booked before the end of March. If you are interested in doing it with me, please drop me a PM and we can go from there.


If that includes the bike as well thats a pretty good deal!

Yes it includes bike hire. I think it’s an incredible deal!

This place was recommended by another prolific LBer who passed their DAS here, it has a good reputation. So, which of you L-platers wants to get on a real bike? :slight_smile:

Simon… Speak to Columbo.

They are good! I passed my licence in 5 days with them.
No experience
Day 1 cbt
Day 2+3 training
Day 4 mod1
Day 5 mod2

That explains it then:D

yes, I’m a fast learner :smiley:

Yup he managed to learn how to get his knee down before they got to cornering… :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Passed my DAS with them in 09’ :slight_smile:


Bumping this post, one last chance to find someone! If I don’t find anyone tomorrow, I’m going to book a course by myself (to make sure I get the dates that suit me best).

Licence?What licence?

I need to do my test again because the first time I just turned up and did it on the 125cc scoot I had :frowning:

Mind you this time I’ll actually have a motorcycling lesson for the first time ever!

Thanks to those who got in touch, not found anyone suitable yet. If I don’t find anyone by tomorrow mid-day, I’ll be booking a solo course to get the dates that I want (dates seem to go fast!).


Tried Groupon ?

Or do they just do waxing and eyebrow threading bulk deals ?

Groupon don’t do DAS deals! Maybe they should :wink:

In any case… I spectacularly failed to find anyone to do it with me, so I’ve now signed up for a solo course. Actually at a different school because they had the exact dates I wanted, although from my experience of Camrider Hendon I’d certainly recommend them too!

Can’t wait - course and mod 1 booked for when I get back from France!