Anyone looking for a helper?


So basically I’m looking to earn some extra cash! I’m not a retard and I’m not bad with my hands so I’m good at practical jobs (plumbing, building etc)
I have done some building before but it was all easy stuff!
I’m not looking for a lot of money!

I’m ready to work in pretty much all areas of London!

Pm me if interested!!!

You should add Rixxy as a friend on FB, he often has one day jobs going as he runs his own PR company.

What hours/days are you available? Can you get to Watford without too much hassle?

He can if you give him a work/project bike :smiley: thinking two stroker 125/50 :smiley:

Now im fully booked until the 18th but from then im availiaboe monday to friday any hours (until september) and yeah i can get there quite easily
Pm me if youre still interested

Come end of sept/oct may need an extra pair of hands stripping and rebuilding my SV650 ready for next race season if you’re interested?

I’m in Ware, Herts if that’s not too far for ya?

I may have some decorating work in a couple weekends time in NW london

How are you with incontinence pads.:slight_smile:

More than interested, and by then i will have my 125 so i can travel easily :slight_smile:

PM me if anything is availiable :slight_smile:

Used to do it about 2 years ago so should be fine now :slight_smile:

A cheeky little bump!

So im looking for a job again. Im free thursday to sunday all day. Let me know if you have ANYTHING