Anyone live/work near reading/Wokingham?

On the off chance anyone able to collect an item with petrol and teas paid for :slight_smile:

Yep, should be able to help with that.

I work in Aldermaston and live in Windlesham (J3 of the M3)

What you after Barry?

It’s all sorted thanks for the pm rich

Pj it’s nothing exciting I just can’t get it thanks to no transport at the moment

No Probs Shiver.

And PJ, how exactly where you planning to help…which one of your fleet would you take…would it be the mountain bike…or the…erm…mountain bike, or maybe even the…mountain bike?! :Whistling:

That was a low blow lol
I was just interested what he was after haha

he’s a nosey b@stard…!!:wink: