Anyone live near to me?


I just need some help from a very experienced rider on the site. I live in St Johns Wood/ Swiss Cottage/ Regents Park (you get the idea). I would like to gain some more experience on a bike as I dont do well in test conditions (I get sweaty and paranoid) so I want to get some practice in beforehand. I also want to purchase a used 125cc bike to start off but have not done my CBT. Can anyone help?

Do your CBT…

Its easy and in no way a “test” you cant fail your CBT

compulsory basic “training”

Im not shure but when you find a place to do it make shure that they are not going to charge you extra if you need more than one day to do it in.(that is if you feel you might need more than one day)

If you do a DAS course 4 or 5 day one you may get CBT thrown in free and it may be a guarantee pass jobby, meaning they put you threw till you pass hehe . no need to worry about failing first time.

Even if you have never ridden and geared bike befor there is no reason not to complet your CBT in a day unless you are a realy slow learner.

My best advice is to learn from a Qualified instrutor and at good school.

Then get a 125 and think about learning from other unqualified bikers.

Even after riding a 125 on the road for 2 years your looking at min 2 day DAS to get rid of all your bad riding habbits…

Im shure a lot of people here would help you out if are on the road on L’s.

Bottom line is…

Get pro training its the basis for you whole biking life.

I cant stress that unuff

Speak to these guys and they’ll be able to help you get trained nice and safely

Thanx for the advice guys

Anyone live near to me?

er no

Very funny Weaver

i live near u, but im not sure what exactly you are looking for. if you need any help, feel free to PM me.

I thought you couln’t ride on the road before completing a CBT with a trained instructor?!

Also I’m only about 4 miles from you so once you’ve got a CBT then I’m happy to show you the ropes.

Well one of the main areas I need help with is getting a used bike. I know for a fact I dont want to get a new bike for the first 2 mths because it will be dropped, scratched, trampled upon and I will probably be a bit absent minded with it. However I dont want to kill myself using it or buy some write off that is going to kill me on the road, then shortly after I will be taking hold of my brand new SV650.

Its also a bit tricky where I live since there are a lot of performance and prestige vehicles around and poughing into them wouldnt be good


SV’s an excellent choice. I did my CBT about a year ago and bought a CBR 125 and started riding to work every day. Found the 125 didn’t really cut it on the A12 every morning so did my direct access in October, failed the first test but passed the second time and bought a brand new SV. In fact I took delivery of it before I passed and had it sitting in the garden while I got frustrated! Anyway, jumped on that straight from the 125 without any problems and never looked back! It’s an excellent bike to start off with. Enjoy!