Anyone knows/had experience with mechanic JapandGerman?

Since as I have mentioned in my previous post, I wanna change mechanic…
I found this one sort of close to where I work (3,5miles).

has anyone heard about it/had experience with it?

thanks in advance guys!

where you based and what bike?

Jap&German are really good although they can be quite pricey as they charge £60 per hour for labour.
For most jobs, I usually drop my bike off at Honda Riders down near peckham, SE15 3SZ.

SW - honda cbr 600 f 1993

thanks! didn’t know they were so expensive… :ermm:

Are you that side of the water? Directly opposite that on the other side off the water on The Highway is Pole Position, they are very competitavely priced and only 5-10 mins from that place you posted about

I live in SW but SE is kinda ok-ish to reach from where I work.

and thanks btw! :slight_smile:

Whatever you do, don’t go to London Scooters which is down the road:
Not sure how they got all those positive reviews but they didn’t fix the indicator problem with my old scooter and charged me for work they didn’t actually do. Only uncovered it 15 minutes later when the issue started again (loose wire/bad connection).

Another shout for Pole Position along the Highway. Very reasonable and sorted my bike out a number of times (new rubber, servicing etc) and I’ve called them out for puncture repair too. Only thing to note is they don’t do MOT’s on site, they’ll nip your bike down the road to London Scooters for this. Not necessarily an issue, but worth knowing.

thanks for the shout Arfa!