Anyone know?

Working on my binned road bike/potential track project this weekend, I noticed that the fairing stays on the subframe (the bits that the tail unit plastics bolt to) are snapped and bent.

This is a Gixer 600K2 - anyone know someone who can do some welding on these (not sure if you can weld an ally subframe) or alternatively a nice cheap breakers etc for a replacement subframe?

Yep ally can be welded. If your subframe’s to bent up, I got a complete seat unit ( subframe, all the plastic’s, seat, back light, single seat cover thing ) in blue & white, from a K1 1000 but will fit 600, 750, 1000 K1, K2. I brought it for a fighter project but had a change of plans. I want to sell as a whole though

Cheers fella wasn’t sure on the ally welding thing.

PM me with how much you want for that little lot and we may strike a deal. 1000 subframe should indeed fit the 600 and looking at an ebay bid for one at the moment…

Pm sent