Anyone know?

If the downpipes from a suzuki rf (400) will fit on a suzuki 600 bandit (2003)?

well i know of one way to find out??

no help i know, but you can sell them on ebay if not??

i feel the stealy breath of the moderator…

I was hoping to find out without laying out first, lol.

Assuming that the RF400 is a sleeved down version of the RF600, then I would very much doubt it, the RF600 was a water cooled lump whereas the bandit is the old oil cooled motor.

Out of interest, why are you asking ?

If it’s because the Bandit exhaust has rotted through where the link pipe connects to the collector box (they all do that sir !), then your cheapest option is to get someone to weld in a new section, or Banditmania will do it for £70 odd inc new gaskets etc.