Anyone know of Michael Crumpton Bikes (good/bad)?

Anyone ever dealt with Michael Crumpton Bikes (near Camberley, Surrey).

Anything good/bad to report - much appreciated. :wink:

I saw a bike advertised by him last year and when i called to arrange viewing/test ride he wanted a £200 deposit before booking any viewing/testride. needless to say I didnt proceed

I bought my old 636 B1-H from Michael and never had any problems . Never tried to charge me for a viewing/test ride ? I guess his £200 deposit was to take it off sale to guarantee that it was there when you got there - don’t know of anyone who will remove a bike from sale without a deposit these days ?? - His turnover rate of bikes seems to exceed anyone else I have come across and believe me , I have bought a few over the past few years :smiley: His bikes are genuinely cheap for one good reason :

He has VERY minimal overheads - he stores all his bikes in one of those big metal shipping containers in a big secure haulage yard . He will arrange to meet you there and will turn up in a Sprinter van . It’s all a bit unnerving at first coz it makes you think …" what the feck have I got into here ? " but , trust me he is a nice fella and very genuine . He used to be the general manager at Motorcycle City in Farnborough so he kinda knows his stuff but decided he could do better working for himself rather than joining the " Carnell " crew .

If you wanna know more just drop me a pm ;)If you prepare yourself for grass roots trading and don’t expect a " gin palace " showroom with a salesperson blowing smoke up yer ar5e then you will be fine :wink: