anyone know of any thin goretex gloves

Racer Multitop - 100% waterproof and wearable on all but the hottest days - not cheap however!

Aren’t the Spada Enforcer ones supposed to be good for a small amount of money?

Not Gortex but very fine.

i got those (the older model - without the wipey thing) they are really good but looking for something thinner!

wheres Afro to tell us what HG has in stock!

Another vote for these , used them last 2 seasons all year round.

Get a bit cold in winter then i shove a pair of silks underneath them

i use sailing gloves had them 5 years now still waterproof and going strong

and cheaper the m/c gloves

sailing gear is made to last and is good value

mate youre not serious, are you? :ermm:

Was in Hein Gericke in Cheltenham yesterday buying my ACF-50 and was talking to the guy there about gloves. Their range is poor because they only have their own brand and alpinestars ones…

However he was talking about the alpinestars 365 and said they were summer racing gloves that were goretex. Looked very thin but in the cold would suffer. Had good protection though…

Expensive at £159 but if you’re looking for thin goretex might be your best bet?

Come in three colours: (should be first three products you see…)

i use

and its only on the coldest of days do i need the heated grips … and never had wet hands yet in two years wearing them

Just got the Spada Enforcers today! :slight_smile:

Nice glove and for a good price… Haven’t tested WaterProofness yet but panagioti, it’s a bit too thick for what you are looking for (I’m guessing)

i already got them and no… they are too thick

I’ve got the Rukka Apollo gloves.

A lot less chunky than some winter gloves I have had and so far haven’t let any water in.