anyone know of any thin goretex gloves

looking for an intermediate or even summer (well spring/autumn) glove that is waterproof (preferably goretex) but must be thin.

anyone know of any such glove?

or is thin and waterproof and oxymoron!?

I’ll be interested in this too.

Seems all the waterproof ones look/feel like oven gloves!

Maybe the Alpinestars 247?

Define thin…

I saw some Alpinestars ones that were okish but still thicket than my summer gloves!


yeah this are the closest i can find… might go and check em out… but they do cost 150!! :w00t:

there is also the bikers munich. no not a german biking club

but looks thick as well

I have some goretex Alpinestars and they’re quite thin. They’re still warm though, not propper winter glove, but probably too warm for summer (comfortable now).



365, thats what I meant… D’oh!

Got a bit more up the wrist… will be warmer…:smiley:

There is also one that has an inner layer up the wrist that you stick inside the jacket, with the outer layer going outside the jacket to prevent any air coming in through the sleeves… not sure if it is one of them.

I tried them on at HG and they felt ok… not as cumbersome as the normal winter gloves…

the polar ones look interesting

I’ve got a pair of Halvarssons State gloves, they are waterproof for about 2 hours of solid riding in rain and fairly thin.

looks good G! not goretex but seem to have good reviews re waterproofing what memberane do they use?

Those look reaaally good. And really cheap…

do you know if any shop has them as I have really weird hands and need to try on gloves for fit… :frowning:

sorry panagioti for stealing your thread! :smiley:

Yep, that’s the ones I got. Very good, but I wouldn’t wear them on a summery warm day.

no problem RE! :smiley:

I got mine from - i went to their shop as i wanted to make sure the gloves fitted properly. Though they don’t have the State ones on their site any more.

it’s got this liner - Dryway+® membrane

i wear these all year round bar multiple hour winter motorway journeys -

such good gloves

are they thin?

thin as any summer glove i’ve tried

These are Bikers Koln Gore-Tex Gloves, cost is £80.99 and got Ride Magazine’s Best Buy for gloves over £50.

The new Knox Zero ‘winter’ gloves are for Arctic conditions, anything warmer and your hands sweat like hell.