Anyone know of a place with luggage in stock?

Specifically, I am looking for the ‘Whoppa’ (I know sh*te name but there you go…) which is a 40 litre bag for the back of the bike. They do one with an underseat fitting kit for the K7 GSXR then the bag itself zips onto the fitting kit over the pillion seat. When removed the single seat cowl goes on and no nasty luggage fittings on the back of the bike.

Been to a couple of places incl. P&H today but the distributor is out of stock - 3/4 weeks delivery. There is a smaller version called the ‘Spider’ which might suit as well.

As I am leaving crack of sparrows on Sunday, need to know if I can lay my hands on this kit before then. Otherwise I’ll just go back to my normal rucksack approach. My mate has just fitted the venturi system so I suppose he can be my pack horse if push comes to shove.

Also, anyone got a decent magnetic tankbag recommendation for the Gixer 750K7. Difficult due to the plastic on the front of the tank so anyone got kit they rate for this specific bike??

he may do a BUYITNOW , worth asking



Thanks Keith, unfortunately none are able to get them to me by Saturday. I was hoping that one of the bike shop members might know if they have this in stock (unlikely as they seem to be an order in item).

Oh well - back on with the trusty rucksack then.

they have the 25 ltr one in stock

If you can’t get hold of one then how about one of these:

And if that’s not big enough, you can add one or two of it’s smaller brother:

They’re a bit pricey but worth every penny. Infinity seems to have the Kriega kit in stock most of the time.