Anyone know of a good CAR bodyshop thats affordable?

My friend shunted his Cavalier the other day. its his pride and joy (im still trying to get him to sell it and get onto a bike)

His MOT runs out soon on the 3rd Oct. Does anyone know of a place that can repair it for under £250?


hed like to get it dont this week. hes unsure about driving it to a garage in the condition too. hes had a really bad rough time the last few years so just trying to help him out. he has it on ebay for sale too just incase he cannot afford the repairs

why not do it imself? looking at it the buymper looks intact just the headlight order one off ebay and fit it/

Top Gear in Hayes do bodywork and repairs pretty good and reasonable priced also…

My Dad is very reasonable, his garage is in Earlsfield. Let me know if you want his details.

thanks for the info Karleigh, hes not sure what the fook he doing still.

thanks for info too Captain Slow

Eltham Park Motors have done good work at a good price for us in the past. 020 8850 5451