Anyone know Calne?

I have to do some work there. It looks like it’s just straight down the A4 (will be starting in the City). Is it a good ride?

Basically not sure if I should bike it there on the 125, or take the train to guarantee I’ll be on time.

did someone just say use the trains to ensure punctuality? :w00t: :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Hah, what I actually mean is if the trains are late my manager can’t give me a bollocking. :wink:

Not sure I’d use the train to guarantee that I’d be on time. :slight_smile:

It will be a good journey along the A4- you have to go right through Marlborough, Reading, Maidenhead and Newbury of course.
It will be nice if the weather in good and you leave plenty of time.

You must have a very understanding manager!

Any idea how long it would roughly take once you leave London? Hour and a half? Bearing in mind the 125.

How fast is a 125?

Hard to say.
It is about 100 miles.
100 miles in 90 mins mean you will have to average roughly 60mph.
That will be tricky as you will be going through a lot of small towns and a few large ones.
I reckon 2 hours at the bare minimum but more than likely 2 1/2 hours.
Or more- depends on too many factors to be sure.

If I was doing it on the Striple (via motorways) I’d give myself 2 hours to be sure.

A4 is a good ride. Wide road, not much traffic once past Reading and lots of sweeping curves.

Ride it.:slight_smile:

How fast is a naked KTM 125? with crookzy as a human wind mast, he’ll be lucky to get it to 65mph :laugh:

Now my little cbr 125, complete with fairings and an aerodynamic rider, 90mph :cool:

I’ll have you know I’ve gone well above 70!


with the wind

72mph :blush:

had done the A4 from hungerford a few times, on my R6 it takes me about an hour. on sunday afternoons. :smiley:

getting through Reading is not much fun and there’s a zillion traffic lights to get through as soon as you leave maidenhead (the one way systems and roundabouts in maidenhead and slough i do recommend though :D)

i think you’d better off on the train.

It takes about 2 hours from the point of leaving the m25 in a car, given normal traffic. Not sure if a 125 bike would be faster or slower?

Treat it as a recce on work’s time for Calne Bike Night in a couple of weeks :wink:

Bike it via the M4 you’ll be looking at just over 2 hours on a good day or, about 2½ hours on a bad day. Each way!

If by 125 you meant on ‘L’ plates, meaning that you’d not be using the M4 then you should have made that clear.

Not using the M4 add an hour each way!

Take the train and something to read and let the company buy and pay for the tickets :wink:

Yes, L plates.

Still debating it.

Problem is the work’s only gonna take an hour. So 5-6 hours on continuous trains doesn’t sound fun.

I’d say take the train.

You’ll be heading out of rather than into London in the morning so the train will be relatively empty, bring something to read or watch on a tablet & chill out.

I spent 15 years commuting out from London to Farnborough & when I was on days I ended up doing it as often as not on the train as I was bored stiff of the A3/M25/M3 and going by train was half the cost of using the bike. I found the service was very reliable.

One other thing you should bear in mind, unless you’ve got business cover specified on your insurance, then you’ll almost certainly not be covered to use it for this sort of thing.

So it’s a one off trip to do an hours work

Assuming the company will paying you for your time on the road as well as a mileage allowance you may as well take the bike and enjoy the ride out there and back. The mileage allowance is normally calculated as the total direct miles each way less your normal commuting miles each way or, as a door to door direct route from your normal place of business. If paid at the HM Revenue & Customs motorcycle rate of 24p per mile it will be Tax free. However, if your company elect to pay you at a higher rate or at the car rate of 45p per mile you’ll be liable to pay income tax on the amount over and above 24p per mile. On the other hand, if your company pay you less than 24p per mile you may be able to get Tax relief against the difference.

HM R&C inter webby do dah here

Pat raises a valid point on Motor Vehicle Insurance and your company should be asking to see your insurance documents, because if it turns out you’re uninsured and you get caught out then the Transport Manager or, Managing Director or, both could be convicted with you of an uninsured motor vehicle offence.

Policy conditions vary from insurer to insurer so check your own particular policy schedule, conditions and limitations of use. If your Insurance Policy covers commuting this is normally restricted to ‘journeys between your home address and normal place of business’. The policy limitations of use section needs to contain a statement similar to ‘Use for social, domestic and pleasure purposes and by the policyholder in person in connection with their own business or profession’. The limitations of use will normally exclude ‘use by any person for commercial travelling or use for any purpose in connection with the motor trade’.

Take care, ride safe and stay legal.