Anyone know any good deals going on back protectors?


I am looking to buy a back protector and wondered if anyone could recommend a good make and how much the cost would be. I was told Forcefields are very good by J&S, anyone have these or others that they would say are worth buying?



I have a Davies Ordell Forcefield which I bought from Infinity Motorcycles Holborn for eighty pounds.

Here is a link:

It’s the most comfortable piece of kit I own. When it heats up it takes the shape of your back and you’re not even aware you are wearing it. I’ve had mine a year now and it’s not showing any real signs of wear. I’d recommend it 100%. It is also “Ride recommended.” They’ll be happy to show you a laminate of the article at Infinity.

+1 on the forcefield very comfy and after a few minutes it moulds to the shape of ya back and ya dont notice your even wearing it, think mine was £80 roughly from infinity at hanger lane

Cheers guys, will be picking one up.

Make sure you get the Infinity loyalty card before you buy it! Before you know it you’ve saved enough points to get a free can of lube etc. Last time I got the forcefield back protector and some leathers and I managed to get some free Muc off and chain lube lol.

If you can, try sitting on yer bike with it first as the position you are in when standing is different. I bought a forcefield and could probably have got one size smaller as it rides up my back slightly when sitting - just something to watch for.