Anyone know a PROPER locksmith able to cut car keys

I have three keys for my Lexus that all break the same way, the plastic casing crumbles to pieces because of a bad design.

I have a couple of blanks (the key with the plastic fob that holds the electronic bit). What I need is for a locksmnith that can copy the blanks from my key, but several locksmiths have told me they can’t do it because their “laser machine” doesn’t go to a large enough size. I’m not sure what the limitation is exactly - If anyone knows a good locksmith I’ll call ahead and ask if they can sort it.

I thought the problem was with modern cars is the programming on the new chip etc.

Most modern car keys kept the two in seperate pieces that make up the whole. As long as the electronic part is fine, the you just need to replace the physical key. Simple as splitting the fob and removing the old and installing the new.

Fortress locks brixton

Yeah that’s the type I have Kevsta. I just changed the batteries in one plipper bit and it opens the doors etc without being back in the fob.

R&R South Ealing. :slight_smile:

Thanks fellas. Seems like no one likes these bloody keys.

Fortress said they are willing to give them a go but they hate doing this particular type of key and can’t guarantee it will work.

R&R said they can do them no problem, but then said that they too would not guarantee them to work.

Both places sound very professional and pleasant - I may try Fortress since I can nip over there in the lunch hour. I have two blanks, so they can do one, and if that works they can do the second, if not, head over to R&R

There’s also a place in Watford:

Lock & Key Services

Market Street

01923 222145

There’s an old-school place in the back end of Chalk Farm that I’ve used a few times. Might be worth a try if the others can’t do it.

Keys Galore:
96 Gloucester Ave London NW1 8HX
020 7586 9741


Terry’s All Locks

Croften Park SE4

There is also an autolocksmith at the bottom of West Hill Wandsworth just before the lights where the A3 joins the South Circular.

There is one in Winchmore Hill.

Just as an update the two locksmiths I was recommended to use in this thread both sounded good but couldn’t guarantee they would be able to cut a working copy. They were both going to charge £25/£30 per key (on a blank I was supplying) and I had a bit of a drive to get to either one. By chance I stumbled across the website below who cut the key based on you sending a photo of the old key! It sounded dubious to me (especially since the other companies made it seem like brain surgery to cut a Lexus key), but they sent the key and it works a treat. They charged £14.99 including the blank and postage!

They do motorbike keys also. Good find!

Careful where you leave keys lying then

Any scrote with a dodgy phone camera can take a snap of your keys and get spares cut :w00t:


They also have your key and the address. Let’s hope no one ever hacks into their database…

Crikey, where is the trust these days… they are locksmiths. They can get into pretty much any house or car without the key anyway. As for the address - well yeah, but that isn’t exactly private information is it…

Anyway, the car won’t start without the electronic part that they don’t have.

Don’t bet on it, BMW Audi and Porsche owners thought so too before eBay allowed easy access to such devices :pinch:

Well you have a right to be less trusting I suppose Rusty - but really I am sooooo not worried about the car being nicked. I think I would actually get paid more than I could sell it for and with a LOT less hassle with tyre kickers.