Anyone know a London based company that reduces seat height?

Hey everyone,

Unfortunately I’m a short [email protected]@ and am on my tip toes at standstill on my R6. I’ve been told there are companies that can shave upto 2 inches from the saddle and replace the foam with a gel, I found a company in Coventry but wondered if anyone knew one in London? Does anyone know of a suitable retailer?

Are there any other vertically challenged people who could suggest something else as well? I could easily sit on the GSXR but the R6 is quite a bit higher. Thanks for your help.


Raquib for redoing the seat itself.

There was a previous post about this with a link to:

You can order a height reduction kit from here then any decent bike mechanic will be able to fit it.

its not hard to do yerself, cut foam with bread/meat knife to the amount you want off and then sand by hand to get nice smooth finish then recover.