Anyone keen to a european adventure Feb/March time

So im thinking about doing a few days in europe prob with focused events in Feb/March, i was wondering if there where any other Lb’ers keen?

Are you talking about Trackdays? :slight_smile:

I’m keen. Been talking about it with some of the people I know from BSB medical… although no plans made yet

Is that the Almeria event for £465, trying to work out what is included for that.

Bump !

I’ll be living in Prague making porn, come and see me :w00t:

don’t forget your hand sanitiser

Yes, i fancy Almeria -

Rusty - Included is taking your bike, kit and tools down to the circuit and bringing it back for you PLUS accommodation - you need to sort flights

But if we got to Almeria then we might not take the accomadation as last time we stayed in Almond reef and it was fantastic!

BUT no limits is running at 3 day session at Bruno now having watched the moto GP there i really fancy it as its a fantastic circuit.

TDJ - you coming out of retirement this year???

I’m interested!

Still interested wherever :hehe:



V. Interested just depends on dates, happy with either track. :smiley:

ok guys - Whos keen for Jan?? Or its march, prob with march is it will be VERY busy as its easter weekend.

But to be honest im keen for either!

Better weather in March plus I can’t take leave in January!

Happy with either of them :cool:

Ok see new post!

Where !

I’d be interested in this depending on dates.

Where is the new post?

haha i have not done it yet!!!

I got to check with 2 people off the forum before i can confrim my plans!