Anyone Is/Know an Aluminium Fabricator?

I need a headlight bracket made up for my GSXR, something like the below, should be fairly easy to anyone that knows how to do it, non-scale diagram below, I can supply a more accurate one once someone is willing to make it :slight_smile:

The bends are 90 degrees purely because of the simple application I used to draw the diagram, I envisage them to be bent in the real thing :slight_smile:


ian, go onto and ask on there, loads of clever chaps there, i think pingu can do wot ya want.

Cheers mate, will do.

Elad do a post on how you get on. I want an aluminium thingy made up as well.

Sure mate, have been given a contact so will see if it comes to anything :smiley:

You could try Stig VR , He works with Ali

I am looking for a bracket to fit my Stebel Nautilus Compact Duo horn to the CBR600F… thik i need one making up…

Please let me know if the guy you find might be useful to me too.


What ever happened to a good ol’ hacksaw and a sheet of ali? Its nice and easy!

Dont trust my own work like that!! Fancy making me one???

Would love to be able to attack this one myself, but dont have the bending or the drilling tools… :slight_smile: will give stig VR a message, cheers :slight_smile:

If you can get me a decent enough drawing. Wont be able to do it right away. Project bandit it taking up most of may spare time.

thats the problem - dnt have a clue where/how to have it… understand the wiring - that bits easy - just dont know how to put it out of sight… Need to whip the fairings off and see.

Got your PM Elad…i’ll reply with my mobile number, we can chat about what you need.

Thanks for suggesting me EDV.

Yeap think the stig can sort me out :slight_smile: nice one guys…

**Elad ** Keep the information flowing, please. let us know how things work through.

I do, probably, have the skills, tools, etc. for making the piece I want. Just don’t have the friggin time.

I have made up what I need in cardboard, and Stig is coming over to have a look and will take it from there :slight_smile:

Update on this one, Stig VR (steve) did a great job for me and sorted the bracket perfectly :slight_smile: Nice one fella! Anyone who wants his details can PM me or PM him yourself - Stig VRI made it out of cardboard first, then gave it to Stig, who added some bracing and advice on where to position it.

Big thanks also to PhotographicHero (Ryan), dedicating his saturday to help fit the lights, top man…

All looking good now, hope I dont trash it at silverstone… :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice one, did you get any pictures?

no but some mug got the job of fixing it to the fairing :D:P

no but some mug got the job of fixing it to the fairing :D:P