anyone into computer 3d rendering?

i need to share my pain with people who understand.


tut tut - too many light refractions…

its a 16000 sq ft store, with a lovely glass stair and handrail that wraps round the atrium space. Light refractions are what makes it special, but heaven help me its soo damn slow im gonna chew my own fist…

make sure you coat your fist in chocolate first!

Anyway, how about splitting it up - and render sections, and then stitch together at the end.

Some nice Photoshop work will help at the end. And if you’re worried about the light not working in this way - render a lower res version first, and then use that as a reference tool for the final one?

Otherwise, stop [email protected] moaning, and buy a better machine! Or use a network, linked up.


i like your style, but it wont work, the views already set. If i set up two views side by side, the perspective from each camera will be slightly different.


Duplicate the camera. Copy the file.

Section off one area to render, and then another, on another computer?


I only do real-time :stuck_out_tongue:

you try to render some still on a 486 with 16Mb RAM on 3D Studio 4 for DOS and you’ll realise how spoiled you are these days! :smiley:
I spent many nights (and I mean through the night) looking at mesh (no real time rendering), trying to find that single polygon that has flipped the wrong way around leaving a massive whole in a shape :cool:

On a serious note, have you thought of setting up a rendering farm on something like EC2?


Yep the good old days. That’s how I spent almost three years at uni :doze:
Thankfully I don’t have to do 3D stuff anymore, too bl**dy tedious

You need to get yourself a render farm… :Whistling:

3DS4… now there’s a stroll down amnesia lane…

Try working in film, 400-frame renders at 5 hours a frame - that’s a lot of fist chewing!

the biggest problem is commercially theres never enough time to do it.

Ive been teaching myself V ray over the last couple of days, at the same time as trying to hit a deadline with some visuals for today (im still at it now)

getting there…:w00t:

in answer to the original question “anyone into computer 3d rendering?” The answer is no, all companies that use it or make its software fight for your business on a global scale!!