Anyone into Carp fishing ?

As well as indulging in my passion for motorbikes i also like to go Carp fishing although since i have had my gixxer i hav’nt done much fishing, anybody else enjoy Carp fishing here?



yea, went the other week for the first time! sat around for the first 4 hours and nothing happened! then next thing line starts pulling (nearly lost the rod, didn hav it on reel or sumthng) long story short caught 2 7lbs and one 14lber on a 6lb line, took me over half n hour! but it was worth all the waiting and i cant wait to go again!

Carping is very addictive, i used to go 3 or 4 times a week had some realy nice fish, biggest being 26LB. Where do you go fishing ?

JaY - come quick - they’re talking about fishing !!!

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It’s a free-society Andrew, nothing I can do, sorry

I do stop CARPING on about it! Theres a time and PLAICE… have you got no SOLE!

I also fish. Have about 10 grands worth of kit. Due to peeing around with bikes too much over the summer I have not managed to get out yet. Hopefully soon I shall go hit the waters, better now that it will be nice and quiet. Aiming to beat my PB of 32lb 6oz Carp over the next couple of years.

Favourite quarry is Barbel but I have not fished for them for a good few years now. Best of that is 13lb 6oz which was a couple ounces short of the record at the time.

I am going for a British Cat next season hopefully, one of just a couple of species that I have not caught.

Oh man, fishing … and worse, really bad fishing jokes…

I’m gonna join ‘chaves-with-Novas-online’


Yup, I do like a spot of carping, prefferably floating surface baits as I like the tension of watching a nice fish mulling over taking my bait / grabbing freebies, however I have been seduced by the monster river Ebro Catfish. I and several mates have places over there we go for mad fishing trips, see below. If you fancy a go at Cats, the Thames between Teddington and Hampton Court got some large cats and carp illegally stocked recently … 51lb [french] carp and 80lb cat been caught recently…however the real madness is in Catalunya on the Ebro - ray with a 96, joey with a 158lb that took 50 minutes to land, almost dragging 4 of us under …



cat joe.jpg

What the heck, that’s not a fish!?!?!? That’s a monster from a Dr Who episode!

“What the heck, that’s not a fish!?!?!? That’s a monster from a Dr Who episode!”

check this one out then . . .I’ve never seen a duck on the river, last year a Staffordshire bull terrier got attacked, luckily it somehow survived . . . maybe we should go and sit this one out in the Tardis eh Doctor ?



Hey that first pic looks like a normal night in Soho!!!

That’s freaky as hell, wwooaarrghhh…

LOL ABSOLUTE MONSTERS !!! The river Ebro holds em bigger than that as well and the carp are awsome fighters, i’m the same been to busy on my bike for fishing but now the weather is closing in i will start going again. Some good tips for the thames…thanks

I think I’m starting to Flounder with these gags!

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I never went So called Carp fishing bit used to fish a hella of a Lot of Matches, got back into Bikes gave up and sold about 6 Grands worth of gear for next to nothing. TBH I dont miss it at all and I fished for about 25 years

6 grands worth?? Cod almighty…

/ok… I’m gone now… sorry… its a slow day at work!

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