Anyone interested in bike trip to Italy this summer?

Hi everyone

I’m new to LB so you won’t have seen my face on here before. I’m a 32 year graphic designer living NW London, I’m looking to do a biking holiday this summer for 2-3 weeks, just wondering if anyone would be interested in joining me. I did a trip last year by myself, sailed into Bilbao, camped for a couple of nights then over to Barcelona for a couple of days then around to the Cote d’Azur then slowly made my way back to Calais, I camped most of the way and stayed in cheap hotels a couple of nights.

I’m looking to do a similar trip this year but going through France, down and along the Côte d’Azur, Monaco and into Italy. Once into in Italy I haven’t decided on any places to visit yet, I’m open to suggestions. I ride a BMW F800s, I’m not a speed freak, the trip is about visiting places as well as riding the bike rather a holiday where you spend 8 hours every day on the bike.

Looking a for anyone who is interested, could be individuals or a small group, male or female, the plans as you can guest aren’t finalized so I’m open to suggestion on where and when. My job allows me a flexibility on when I go so any time over the summers months is good for me.

Look forward to hearing from you.
Cheers, Daren


This is the one you all been waiting for, the village idiots n Lb posse trip to Italy [Smile] 7 nights in Tuscany staying at EUROCAMP Park Albertros look it up but its a huge tent 6 berth £500 so the more that go the cheaper it is, we’ve put our deposit down get discount [Smile]

LEAVE UK Friday 21st August ride to Livorno

Arrive Saturday 22nd

Spend 7 nights in Italy

LEAVE ITALY Saturday 29th August ride home

Arrive back in UK Sunday 30th August

Departure times to be sorted but earlier the better due to distances

Due to the major price increase on the train we will now be riding to Livorno, from my home in Beds its 1008 miles we will be leavin approx 4am on the Friday ride as far as possible on that day aiming to get south of DIJON which is the halfaway point, so that we can enjoy the scenery as we skirt Geneve and on up through Mont Blanc tunnel, we then carry on south toward the coast Genova direction then follow coast to Livorno, If anyone wants to ride down with us or meet us there as before let us know.

Livorno is just South of Pisa, not far from Florence, Bologna, Modena etc so plenty to see and do if ANYONE is interested and want more info etc PM myself, Paulblack or the witch Heggerty [BigGrin] [BigGrin]

So come on plenty of time to save up gonna be lots of sun, sea and wine this time the brochure says so [BigGrin]


Myself + Kaz Riding down

Paul + Fiona Riding down

Dawn + 3 Kids flying down

Nigel Riding down

Ray Riding down

R6Babe + OH Riding down