Anyone interested in All Year Biker ACF50 treatment on the East side of London

I contacted AYB to clean and treat my bikes. I’d like to get them out to my house (Chafford Hundred, Essex). The nearest AYB operator is 70 miles away so to make it worthwhile for him I can either pay a bit extra for his fuel or I should thing he would waive that if he is doing more bikes. Anyone interested?

Well depends how much you paying I can do that easily with amount of time on hand and struggle with incom due to being off work.


Huh? Sorry Rob, I’m not asking if you want to clean the bikes - I will get AYB to clean the bikes I’m just checking to see if anyone wants theirs done at the same time. You shouldn’t do yours Rob - it’s too clean! Their charge is £60 normally - the guy was suggesting £20 extra to cover his fuel costs - so I was thinking I would be able to get him to remove that charge if there were a couple more bikes - and I’d supply the tea and biscuits while it’s being done…

I see. Well true as mine does not need to be cleaned I wouldn’t mind acf50. However for sake of £60 I can do it myself. :slight_smile:

Tea and biscuits are a temptation tho :stuck_out_tongue:


Iv just bought some acf, Iv got my mineral water spray machine down the road too.

(I think its mineral water) Its the soft stuff LOL


Depends on what day you’d be looking at doing this…

Well I can do it any day at the moment - what days can you be free?