Anyone insured with Bennett's and fancies doing this?

Sadly, Bennets refused to insure my new bike, so no longer with them! :frowning: Nice Trackdays are always on weekdays! Grr…  Whats up with that!

I’m definitely keen… in fact, I’m going to sign up now! :slight_smile:  

edit: Booked!

I AM with Bennetts, but as I’m already at Silverstone on the 13th, doing this as well would be a bit too expensive for me. Are you going to book a place?

I am thinking about it Janey- I need to see if I can take the S1000R as that isn’t insured with them, I don’t fancy doing the day on the Tiger (the one they insure).

It’s not a Bennetts only day… You just get a 10% discount if you are a Bennetts customer (which you are).  In my blood rush, I forgot to apply the discount so I have sent them an email hoping they can apply it retrospectively.  So that no one else does what I did, the discount code box is on the right hand side on the card payment screen (somehow I missed it!).

Ah cool- good to know.

Will chat to Mrs Hogtrumpet and make sure she doesn’t have anything planned.

Thank you for sharing! I’m really pumped about this!

No worries- I figured someone would be into it.

Meeting Kio would be a highlight for sure.

He seems like the nicest guy… I don’t know how he races with such grit!

You do know you can book trackdays at Silverstone with other companies for a cheaper price than this ,around 140-160

There are normal track days for about 150 with that website. I figure it’s more expensive due to the various guests. The biggest cost to me is actually taking the day off work! Good to know for next time though!

It’s an expensive hobby for sure,did eight trackdays in 6 weeks last year,it’s easy to get addicted…have fun

Looks like the extra money is for meals and all day refreshments an that. So not a total rip off and sounds good fun with the bsb boys there for a mingle. Make sure it’s the GP full circuit and it sounds good to me!

Just wanted to check… Is anyone else coming along to this?

It’s the GP circuit

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I am… but page not found…

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£200 and you have to bring your machine… a bit expensive IMO, but cheers for the link