Anyone in Enfield area able to help out the LAA on 13th / 14th June?

I was speaking to the guys at the LAA and they were wondering if anyone was free to help them out on the above weekend?

They’ve been invited to have a stall at a 5-a-size tournament - it’s at Enfield Rangers - and the stall will sell T-Shirts and stuff to raise money to help keep the air ambulance flying.

It’s a bit short notice for them to get people down there and were wondering if anyone from that part of the world would help out?

Any amount of time is great - just PM me your contact details and I’ll pass them on to Christine at LAA - they’ll be more than grateful for any help offered.


haha small world my uncle is manager there… im in :smiley:

Count me in:)

Alex and I might be able to help out on the Saturday… But I’ll have to ask him first :wink:

It is indeed a small world. Thanks for the PM Curtis - I’ve passed your details on so they’ll be in touch ASAP

Chunks / Shauna let me know via PM if you can deffo help out…Shauna I’m sure you can twist his arm…:slight_smile:

Well being as Curtis is doing it I will probably be helping out too :slight_smile:

So that’s 2 deffo for Saturday?

yea me and dawn on saturday :slight_smile:

oooo there’s a bar on sight ;):cool:

Lusty did he agree?

Anymore takers for this one?


Just off to see Curtis and Tiggy selling their wares:)

Lovely day for it:cool:

If anyone is in the Enfield area today or tomorrow pop along to Enfield Playing Fields, Carterhatch Lane.

MacP, MrsCM and I will be there tomorra;)

Well done Tiggi, Curtis, Chunks and Mrs Chunks for doing this event - The money is being counted in the collection tins but sales of merchandise raised £103 for the LAA


Excellent amount for a last minute organised event :slight_smile: Was a nice day sitting in the sun and doing our bit to help LAA :smiley: Had fun making a robot out of carboard boxes for one of the kids who helped us out for the day, was a wicked robot, only trouble is that he showed his mates and I ended up making 4 of the bloomin things lol had to draw a line at 4 though as it was time to go home, Chunky reckons I missed my calling as a blue peter presenter :w00t:

I’d watch Blue Peter if you were on it Tigs!


Lol, ta :wink: