Anyone here own this bike?

I found this in the British GP gallery, does anyone here own it?



so your bike joined up before you then

u gotta keep that bike then - it seems smart!

No, It’s not mine! I was thinking of decaling mine the same, just wanted to know where the job was done…

ah well

still a smart bike!!!


No, I don’t think it belongs to anyone here mate! I saw this bike parked all alone outside the circuit. Personally I wouldn’t have done that, lol.

Still…looks (from the photo) like a pretty good job. Its damn hard sticking decals past air vents and such. Oh well…beauty is in the eye of the beholder I guess

why not get a matt white finish on all your fairing and colour it in with crayola crayons!! you could change it whenever you wanted!!

not me but i have one of these… it was fitted for me by image works they can send you a kit of stuff or fit it for you at their unit… the quality is fantastic and the prices are not expensive.

the will do a one off …have a look at their web site can reccomend them enough



Snowblind Were you the LBer who posted the duke bike picx up a short while ago and also had the panels set out on his sofa, if not there is another guy with a bike just like your. (Your snaps friend if memory serves me right!)

both bikes look amazing but I would have to go for Snow’s, If you have the extra cash Animal why not get the full paint job rather than decals it would look amazing