Anyone Here Came Close To Doing This...!

my friend in greece crashed into a lampost whilst staring at a scantily clad bird… :smiley:

Poor guy//she was totally oblivious even after he crashed!

Almost and more than once! A recurrent hazard used to be on Finchley Road near the start of Hendon Way, there used to be a shop selling “exotic” underwear. On several occasions I saw cars roll into one another while the drivers were distracted by the display.

I think Jaime did the very thing?!

there may or may not have been a blonde lady on a bicycle that caused me to flip over the gsr and she may or may not have called me a twat :smiley:

lmfao. :stuck_out_tongue: he couldnt look over his shoulder and keep the bike in a straight line. that dude was gonna crash sooner or later anyway.

riding along by embankment alongside the female joggers has many a time caught me out.

I use a Tinted Visor so girls can’t see me and I can see them Simples :smiley:

I was not actually riding the bike … Umm I was just getting ready to set off on a 1977 CB400/4… a pretty girl distarcted me from my order of tasks . I then went to set off ,gas on, clutch out ,…feet up … AAAHHH **** the steering lock is still locked … Over I went with a ooohh crap and a clunk . Right outside my local pub … with a reasonable crowd standing outside … all people I was going to have to face for the rest of my life ,sigh

standard gash crash. i had to stop riding into uni during the warmer days. too risky.