Anyone heard of

I’m about to buy a Renntec grab rail for my bike. If I buy direct from RennTec it costs £87.88. If I buy from an Ebay shop it costs £74.90. However, if I buy from it costs on £42.48.

Not having heard of Liibstore, and as I cannot see any address on their website, I’m a little reluctant to put my credit card details on their website.

Can anyone tell me if they have dealt with this company before or if it is a legitimate company please?

I once had a half price on special offer Renntec top box rack off eBay. It snapped in half after one months use and turned out to be a poorly manufactured copy.

Buyer beware.

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That site fails the basic checks. There is no contact phone number, not even a none geographic number, and there is no company address or registration number or anything to identify the company.

That is a very dodgy website. Avoid like the plague.

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If it’s it looks to good to be true Martin, you know the slogan.

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Thank you guys.

I too couldn’t find an address or telephone number, hence why I ask here. I was hoping someone had used them successfully.

Buy with a credit card. If something goes wrong, tell the credit card company and they will refund your money.

Although, now I went to look at the site, yeah I wouldn’t even try it with a credit card!

Wouldn’t help it has to be over £100 for the legal protection to kick in for credit cards.