anyone heard of a Yam 250 Zeal?

came across this on ebay, never heard of it before and there’s only 2 lines in wikipedia for it

Its rare and it works. Buy it!

Plastics kinda remind me of a vmax… apparently puts our 40bhp.

So wont be keeping up with a vmax any time soon :>

Yes, buy it.

doing some window shopping for my nephew when he turns 17 next year.
my next buy is going to be a supersports or a pre-60’s classic, but not for a while yet.

If it’s that rare, as a present it might be more of a nuisance if it’s not existant on insurers databases, mechanics working on it etc…

it must be an import I know they are in oz & new Zealand

4cyl 250cc 15k revs sounds like fun

Fixed your spelling wise :slight_smile:

I’d be buying a fully working bike, with a long accurate fully documented service history. :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah well, I don’t like debt.