Anyone heard of a company Called Pilot USA? Custom Leathers

Was talking to my 'arl fella last night (who lives in the states) about leathers… I’m looking at the alpinestars RC1 two piece and he mentioned this company called Pilot.

They make off the peg and custom leather and at the minute they’ve got a deal for $1000 you can get a custom one or two piece… was just wondering if anyone had heard of them or seen any of their leathers?

surely if your thinking of spending $1000 dunno exchange rate must be £700+ would it not make sense to get made to measure leathers in this country ? that way if you have problems with them it will be easier to get sorted

fair point mate - was just wondering if anyone had heard of them! :slight_smile:

£700 is a bit much for my leathers I think, was hoping not to spend any more than £500… think I’m going to go with some alpinestars kit that I’ve seen, just need to part with the dosh and live on beans and toast for the rest of the month! :smiley:

More like £550 but who’s counting£1=$1.822

sod off smart ar$e :D:Pprolly the best option kelv, or you can get 2 piece ones around £300/350 region think thats what the RST ones are, plus with those ones like mine you can mix n match the leathers and textiles as the zip together :slight_smile: