Anyone heard from our Little Miss T ?

I haven’t seen her for a long time. I know she had a lot of support and love from LB during and after the accident, so wondering how she is and whether she managed to successfully move into the house that was being set up?

Would love to know how our beautiful, courageous LBer is, if anyone has been in touch with her.


Saw her a few months ago, and she is doing very well, her flat is really cool and I think she might have blagged her way to the TT for work. And she makes very good muffins :slight_smile:

Cheers Ian :slight_smile: Really good to hear she is doing okay, plus the TT opportunity :slight_smile: . Great that the flat is fully adapted and sorted now also. I was wondering how she was and how things were working out for her. It seems only yesterday since the 2009 Xmas bash - time is passing too quickly.