anyone have fun trying to get around in central today?

anyone ever seen more police in london than there were in the city today?
what a crazy day for riding around central!
spent a few hours roaming around to catch a glimpse of action but wasn’t much going on.

on a side street off london wall i counted on this small street about 35 police carriervans parked bumper to bumper down the whole street on both sides, it was madnesss. saw vans from hampshire wiltshire , some rusty old transits haha.
i saw 4 or 5 big new mercedes police vans do a synchronised 3 point turn on farrigndon road was really odd! they were in a lane one behind the other and just all turned around at the same time.

saw a mc copper givin sht to a scooterist for passing one of those yellow plastic island cones with the blue arrow, on the wrong side of the road to get to the front of the traffic light queue. was quite funny as I had felt that those extra 5 seconds wouldn’t hurt, going around the right way, and the dude behind me thought f0ok it, went wrong side and got bll*cked haha

also saw a very lively very small rider female on a very biiiiig black ducati that was pleasant .

started going to st paul’s to eat on the steps to see what’s up. at one point there was a convoy of what must have been 10 police vans it was nuts felt like in that born free video from m.i.a. which is pretty epic btw.

yesterday saw a romanian mercedes doing an epic fail coming down the end of commercial road and thought it was one way so took a sharp right at speed onto whitechapel high street but on the wrong side of the road! went straight into the path of a double decker he must’ve sh*t himself haha.

later he caught up with me he mustve been 18 on c*ke with some blonde bimbo haha.

rode out onto embankment was really nice didn’t realise how close it was it feels so good when you can admire a sunny riverscape after hours of traffic jams.

also, i have still never spotted LB stickers on any bike to date (3 weeks in london) i’m guessing most people don’t have them? I ordered mine 10 days ago and still haven’t arrived and customer contact hasn’t replied. so im kind of p*ssd off about that.

anybody else wanna have a general rant or statement or comment on the day’s riding?

I went for a walk at lunch, saw lots of police bikes around blackfriars bridge.

left work, went to BM. left there later after everything had blown over and went home without incident

ohh no forgot about BM i’ve been meaning to make it haven’t yet,
i shall set an alarm
what’s usually an appropriate time to arrive?
i don’t know the venue what is it like, easy to find people once parked?

Yeah I went towards work at about 1030 down near St pauls … It looked a bit hassle filled so I made a half hearted attempt to contact the office through someone I knew was on holiday . Then I turned round and went to my local bike shop for some tea and to order some bits . Then I went home .

Anytime after 6 and there should be some peeps there… till about 9pm I think nowadays

We all stand around the bikes so we’re easy to spot! :slight_smile:

Never made it into London to see it all, hell never made it to BM either. Got stuck at site in Essex doing a network change over.