Anyone have experience with Marushin lids?

Looking for a new lid and a few Marushin lids seem to be in my price range. Anyone got any experience with them?
Gotta ride over to eltham to try em on and its a bit of a trek considering I can walk to my PC and ask hehe

A guy at work had one and was fairly happy with it (although his previous helmet was a proper cheap crappy thing & he only rode a 125 so probably never went over 60mph). I think they tend to do OK in Sharp ratings too.

The visor seemed very cheap & thin to me and he said it didn’t seal very well when closed.

I’m looking at the 777.
I dont really trust sharp ratings though.

Bit late as you probably don’t need this now. I currently have a marruchin lid and it looks good, helmet fits ok but there are parts that feel cheap such as air holes for mouth and head. Also visors don’t sit well. For the money they aren’t to bad.