Anyone have camping gear that I could borrow?

I’m heading to Davos, Switzerland on the 19th August and wanting to camp in the mountains for a couple of days.

Does anyone have a small compact 2 person tent and other vital (basic) camping gear i could loan?

I might do, there definitely used to be a glut of tents in the loft.

What do you define as ‘vital’ and ‘basic’? Have you camped before? 


As it’s going on the back of the bike, just trying keep item to a minimum, ie, sleeping bags and mats.

Possibly a cooker / light .

I haven’t camped in over 15 years, but though I’d suprise the missus as she’s never been!

Ah, I’m not back until the weekend after this, at which point I can have a rummage. That’s the weekend of Boomtown Fair, though, and it’s entirely likely that any tents we do have will have gone to that and might or might not be back for the 18th. I don’t know what else I’d have that’s useful, maybe a foam roll mat but I might’ve got rid of that.

I have a very small tesco tent that packs very small. it also has almost no porch and just about enough space for 2. unless you’d like a divorce I’d recommend using self-inflating mattresses not foam roll-up ones. 

Ian I have to say that a surprise camping trip is a brave move and would really piss me off (Julie here)
Have you looked at YHA (hostelling international) we used them in Switzerland. Just be sure to book a private room or twin

Also, yes, surprise camping is the worst sort of camping, and among the worst sorts of surprise.

Hey Julie,

I’m not camping to save money, though it would be nice to spend a night or two under the stars, enjoying the fresh air.
Possibly sounds more romantic than it really is :slight_smile:

Don’t worry, we won’t be slumming it all the time. We booked some lovely boutique hotels to rest in after the a long day of riding!!

No, she’s adventurous.
Sipping red wine under a blank of stars, whilst listing to nature’s soundtrack, isn’t a bad way to spend an evening. :slight_smile:

I’m with Julie, sounds like my idea of hell…if Pin ever did that to me…well err mmmm I will leave that to your thoughts…starts with I will be riding into the stars alone!

Wow… Have we really become so afraid of nature (and being seperated from the comforts of modern life)?

I should state, I am Australian, and camping was apart of my childhood and most other Aussies. My wife is Chinese and also not afraid of the dark, so I am confident that she’ll enjoy the experience.

Relaxing in a spa and enjoying the luxurious of a 5 star hotel is all good and well, but it is even more enjoyable after getting back in touch with nature.

I’ll have her post a reply review of the camping experience :slight_smile:

I’m off camping for a week next Monday in the new forest, me & the Mrs can’t wait!

A week away from everything and just the great outdoors

See, I am not alone in my thinking :slight_smile:

Back to my original question.

I could go buy the equipment, but seems wasteful for only a few days.

I need a tent and other gear that will fit into my topbox, ie no longer than 56cm packed

I can recommend a Halfords 10.99 cheapo tent.   Lasted 2 nights before it leaked and got thrown away.  

I used my biking jacket / trousers as a mat - they are padded to stop you rolling over…got fck all sleep mind, but saved on the tenner for a roll matt.  

Poor guy
-comes on asking for camping equipment
-gets relationship advice. :joy::joy:

Gotta love Internet forums…

Ooh, not sure anything I’ve got is that size. I’ve just jabbered my housemate to see if he fancies a look in the loft, but he’s sodded off to some sort of music festival…

I might know by Monday, but it won’t be anything very good… Can perhaps do one of those flat Coleman festival stoves, too, but I don’t know how much of an arse this lot’s going to be to carry…

Here you go

2 person tent, 2 sleeping bags and 2 mats £30.00 including p&p—2-person-tent-2-camping-mats–2-sleeping-bags-4660-p.asp?gclid=CJPvxL3frM4CFUlmGwodPFkH_w

Cheap as chips and if it only lasts a couple of nights just leave it where it was last pitched and move on having enjoyed the experience.

and if it don’t fit the top box as is just repack to a size that will