Anyone have a bike nicked in the EC2 area last night?

I may have the scrotes on film.

I saw three youths on push bikes scoping the bike bay I was in.

Just wondering.

Be vigilant in that area, I’ve had one stolen from there and a BMW 1200 was lifted recently.

Luckily I have underground parking in this area, but I do have a mate who uses the bays.

Where exactly was this? Will keep an eye out for the little scrotums.

What road? I work here and see a few youths on peddle bikes looking suspicious. PM me if possible. Would be nice to see if its the same people.

Please post up the video, I’d be interested to see it.

Not my baby but I park in a bay :slight_smile:

This guy was checking out bikes today. Liked the look of mine too. Unfortunately this is the best image I could get. Mixed race/brown skinned, young adult or teenager.

Last week I saw X1 white kid blonde hair and X2 black kids on peddle bikes scooping out bikes again! They where on mountain bikes.

Atomic Punk That vid you sent me the white kid i saw looks like him… Shame I didn’t have helmet cam recording!!!