Anyone has a Honda 125 for sale?

I’m looking to either get a 125 CBR, CBF or CG. My budget is around 1400. I don’t need anything super shiny, just in good and working condition. Keep it for six months to a year and sell again.

I looked at autotrader and mcn but most of their bikes are miles away (especially as I have to use public transport for now) so bonus for being close to SE London/London Bridge.


PM SJ or Mr-C

Thanks Tim. Mr-C got in touch and I’ll send a PM over to SJ!

J12 of M1.
I have a minty cg125, old shape. But looking at nearer half your budget. .
10k miles from memory, sitting in my shed un used :stuck_out_tongue:
Any interest?
12 month mot. .

Got mine sorted already but thanks for the offer! Good luck with selling yours :slight_smile: