Anyone had rotator cuff surgery?

just had a MRI and looks like i have a full rotator cuff tear…was suggested to have surgery :frowning:

If you have private medical (maybe through work), I can recommend my doc who looked after me when I broke my collarbone. Maybe for a second opinion? He operates from Epsom so not too far.

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i have a second consultant booked for next week

I am waiting surgery for a full tear

got a second opinion booked in, but might be inevitable!
we can compare notes!

I had surgery for a full tear back in September 2017. Had an accident on the bike and stupidly put my hand out to break the fall which tore it.
Post op wan’t too painful - tramadol helped for a couple of days. I’m a self employed IT worker and was back at work 5 days after the op.
Arm was in a sling for around 4 weeks and couldn’t ride the bike for around 3 months post op. I had monthly physio session for six months and was also strict about doing exercises at home. I was back in the gym lifting light weights after about five months but I still have not regained full strength in the shoulder. It’s getting there bit it’s a slow process. Any questions let me know…

Good to see @TDJ and @TheLoneGunman back :slight_smile:

Best of luck with this - I’m going to follow it with interest because I think I need a scan myself after months of discomfort.

It’s good to be back. Been a while!

an update:

met today with another surgeon that treats a lot of athletes
It’s definitely torn but not fully and it hasn’t retracted. Health is good

so surgery might not be first port of call unless i really really want it

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That would be a good result as the recovery from the surgery is a long process

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