Anyone had any experience with BLD?

Well I posted a few weeks ago (Dec 7th) about how I got taken off my bike (Muppet pulled out on me on roundabout, took me out and drove off).

To date the third party insurers still haven’t accepted liability and they are now trying to say that they suspect that their client obtained his policy fraudulently. I’m still waiting to here the outcome of this. It’s been over 6 weeks and I still haven’t got my bike, nor am I any closer to getting it back. I phoned them up friday and I was told that my handler hasn’t been able to chase up my claim as she couldn’t get into work due to the snow!!

I’ve never had an accident before, not even in a car so not sure how long these things usually take. Anyone got any experience with BLD or their own insurance companies. Unfortunately, I am only TPFT so I have to rely on a claims company.


In my experience, they’re shite.

I used BLD a couple of years ago and found them to be very good.

Perhaps my claim was a bit more straight forward as I was hit from behind…