Anyone had a V-Max?

Been offered a 1997 with just 16,000 miles and looking as near to new as poss. Totally standard.

Just wondering what they are like to ride on a daily basis…Not worried about the weight etc but are they OK for longer runs , reliable etc. Please keep it in mind I will be using it in rural Spain as well as some very long runs.


The handling is similar to the beast in your avatar, but they’re quick, very quick!!

indeed, a good mate owned one, he said same, ahndles like crap!! high speed weave and all sorts…but straight line…goes like the clappers…he wheelied his aswell!..many blown fork seals:D

i rebuilt one last year amazing bike!!

very very well built, like a tank id say :slight_smile:

a few simple mods make a big difference, first off the brakes are pants and a fast and heavy bike with crap brakes is not good.

blue spot calipers from an R6/R1 go strait on 70 quid.

stiffer springs in the forks 30 quid

and frame brace also helps.

there really really easy to ride or should i say cruise, because thats what they are.

dont try to ride them fast except in a drag race :slight_smile:

i would say get it man, that bike has a LOT of sole, something thats missing in a lot on new bikes.

Buy the current edition of “Ride”. Got a feature article on the old model V-Max. They have a few expensive problems worth avoiding but a pretty good review.

Office mate had one for some years and wishes he hadn’t traded it.

Rode it once. It’s a Harley on steroids. Handling is a bit …er …curious, but once your used to that, what a beast.

Get the right one, a few cheap mods, (see Adz post, and you’l love it or hate it.

A bit off topic, but I saw a VMAX converted into a trike with a wheelchair mounted behind the rider’s seat (in between the two rear wheels) - fairplay to the fella - keep on riding :smiley:

Sounds like 7wheel from this site. I recommend sending him a pm, he should be able to advise on the Vmax.

yup that would be our resident nutter 7wheel on his Vmax trike…'kin quick on it as well :smiley:

Hi to all new to site.Thought I could add a bit here, have a 1998 full power model, owned it from new, can be wild in the wet for starting off, but you soon learn that a quick shift to second sorts that out.

Two up they have a knack of clawing at the sky, and you don’t have to be trying.

Lots can be done to sort out the, so-called weave, only time I have suffered with this is before changing the front springs to progressives, and when the rear tyre gets to the end of it’s usable life, mine is unbraced.

Loads of aftermarket stuff about and there are a lot of people out there with all the hints and tips to sort any problems.

Long jouneys are swallowed easily, only problem is the tank range, average is 100 miles before reserve, however there are two ways to extend the range, one is to fit the top tank, (the cover is a dummy) and there is also a larger underseat tank which replaces the original.

If you do decide to get one then take time to change totally your riding style, slow before the corner and roll the throttle through the corner, once you are passed the apex you can go for it.

Best bit still for me is once you learn that you do not have to rev the engine

You will develop strong shoulders, arms like an orangutan, and you will lose your neck.

I have not seen anything other than the new V Max that would make me change mine.


Small world - I PMd him with date/location to see if it was him :DI got in contact with another guy on here who I know from a past life as well :DCheers,Steve

My ears wuz burning lol

Hmmm V-Max, yes, turn handle and make it go. I’ve had my share of troubles, to be fair. Things I now know:

1/ Sometimes the starter clutch falls apart. Mine did. The flywheel has to come off to fix it and that can be hell with a special tool thrown in. PDQ did mine and modded the 3 bolts to 3 pins to prevent reoccurence.

2/ The charging system doesn’t charge at tickover. This makes things very unhappy in traffic, because the engine gets hot, the fan kicks in and steals 0.5v and pretty soon you’re sitting under 12v draining everything. Also, the stock earthing and starter cables are thin rubbish and cause the “won’t start when hot” problem, replace asap with stuff as thick as your wrist.

3/ There is a well-known oil feed ‘O’ ring problem. This is not an issue unless you repeatedly redline it from cold, then you’ll blow the engine.

4/ Doesn’t care much for modern petrol. This stuff can cause an emulsion to block the idle jets. I give mine quality 97 octane and regular shots of STP to keep things nice. It works.

On the plus side:

1/ It’s mental, even as a trike :smiley:

Oh, btw whistler, 16,000 miles is the first major service point, top comes off and valve clearances checked etc. Has the one you’ve been offered been through this?

I had a ride out on it yesterday…very different riding style from the ZZR but not bad in any way… It is quick without having to rev the knackers off of it (as is the zzr but it becomes a loony at very high revs and addictive:) ) It is very clean with just a couple of bits needing polished and he wants 3200 Euro for it. Does this sound about right?

I will check on the service issue when I speak to the seller today.

If I had to choose between the zzr11 and the max I’d probably stick with the kawa…happily I don’t , so very tempted.:slight_smile:

Hmm, 16000 miles and '97… don’t know, that’s 3 grand in blighty-geld, seems a bit much unless, of course, these are now getting some sort of premium. I bought mine over 2 years ago, '99 US import and 3300 on the clock, for £3800. If it has had the major service, I might go for that tho… everyone should own a V-Max at some point, it’s just one of those things you’d regret otherwise :smiley:

If you find a full power FZX 750, buy that too. Or a RG500. Or… heh.

don’t forget that with the introduction of the New V Max these will become collectors pieces, especially a good clean standard model.

By the way I forgot to say that I have never had a problem with mine, it has always had regular oil and filter changes, and I always do a full check and lube of all moving parts in spring time.

I have always done all the work on it, so no dealer oik has got his sticky fingers on it.

I thought it might be a bit strong but it is a nice one…

Had an RG500 years ago …mad thing:w00t: and H1 and H2 Kawas (the triples) All bikes that need to be owned at some point :slight_smile: Still got a Yamaha YDS3 (1966) and a 1965 Ducati 200…some bikes should never be sold:):wink:

my dad had one. full power one.

loved it.

in standard for they are lethal though. didnt they have cg 125 brakes on the front or something :w00t:

Picked it up yesterday…blazing sushine here…I’m amazed how small and light it feels compared to the ZZR11…Different sort of bike but it feels really compact. It handles OK for what it is but not too happy with the 150 tyre on the back (standard as far as I can see) but it’s quick and easy to ride on the roads around here…Well happy with it:):slight_smile:

nice mate enjoy!!