Anyone got spare lady jacket and helmet ?

Hello all,

I’ve got friend visiting me from Poland :slight_smile: I need some gear for few days. Don’t really want to buy anything as she goes back on Tuesday.

Anyone has got any spare jacket and helmet ? I will be very greatful. Probably need it in size small:)
Her clotthes are 34 size in Poland but no idea what it means here :stuck_out_tongue:

I had some orginized but in last minute the gear became unavailable:pinch:

Crap was suposed to pick here up from airport :w00t:

Send me a PM if you have anything.



PM sent :wink:

Got plenty of spare gear pm if you need anything:D

Mate I also have some gear from my GF. The jacket is a leather Alpinestars Dynojet and a Shoei Helmet.

Helmet is size S and jacket is about a size 8 10. She wears stuff from size 6 to 10 depending.

Dou you need a spare bedroom Arnie??!!:smiley: