Anyone got some spare t-cut?

That can’t be a realistic price can it?

Just read the description in the ad. Scrap that :slight_smile:

I was just about to offer you some T-cut and then I realised.

I’ve been watching ‘Bangers for Cash’ and its shocking how much hard earned some folk are throwing at piles of rust. Currently looking to buy a 1970’s or 1980’s motorcycle ‘just for kicks’ and the asking prices for machines in need of a total re-build are crazy.

BTW have you commissioned that trailer yet, if you need a hand…

…you know what’s coming next :wink:

How far are we allowed to ride to meet up for a picnic?

Up for a rideout. Fri or Sat this week? Trailer is good to go :slight_smile:

Coppers are happy with 2 bikes on the backroads.

Essex coast or FF should be fine. Bit soon to be going to Norfolk imho. Post March 29 i reckon you’ll be legal for Norfolk too.

I’m thinking we’d be OK for a local ride to Brightlingsea, is the burger bar open?

Sure it is. Burger vans in Harwich and Manningtree both were last week.

Friday it is, 10% Chance of precipitation 12:00 onward.

In the diary. You want to ride past my house at 10am?

Will do

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