Anyone got one of the new CBR600F Bikes?

Helloooo London bikers

Someone on here must ride one… The newer, most recent Honda CBR600F model released a year or two ago.

I’m quite keen to find out what they are like. I’m currently in the process of trying to convince my employers to purchase, or lease me a company bike. I do about 500 miles a month for work.

Need something reliable, fully faired, suitable for mostly town but also motorways and longer trips, some hard luggage, cheap to run etc etc.

Also been looking at the new BMW F800GT, their revised 800cc twin looks good for the job.

Thanks! C

Go with the BMW. Belt drive so you don’t have to worry about chain maintenance on their bike, fun to ride, plenty of power, nice fairing, comfortable but still light…what’s not to like?

You ridden one Simon?

Yes, but only for a very short ride so far. I popped into a BMW dealer on the way back from Southampton last week, completely unintentionally - I was riding randomly on nice roads and there was a BMW motorad by the side of the road, I needed to go to the toilet so I stopped and asked if I could use theirs. I then saw the GT they had and after chatting for a while the guy let me take it for a quick ride up and down. I’m now booked in for a longer test ride. I actually really liked the look and feel of the predecessor (the 800ST that someone on here has, I forget who but I sat on it at the Ace), which is why I wanted to look at the GT.

Realistically it’s unlikely that I’ll change my bike for a while, but I do strongly encourage you to take one for a test ride!


You sure its a belt? I thought it was a shaft…

Pretty sure it had a belt! I could be just remembering the 800ST I sat on at the Ace (which definitely did), but I’m 99.9% sure this one did too…


I’d go with the BMW if work are paying for the servicing. Honda CB500F or X otherwise


It does, doesn’t it :slight_smile:

Looks like a fazer…

In a strange way it does. Its a strange bike but I like it!

eh :crazy: I can’t see the resemblance

Sweet, cheers Simon! Will book a test ride on one, and also the CBR600F, and the 500.

I’m quite drawn towards a twin engine middleweight, because of the torque it has at low revs… I’m a bit fed up of riding my ninja around town because all the power is higher up the rev range and I keep having to either rag it or dance around on the gear pedal the whole time.
A twin should have a bit more torque lower down the rev range, which should help when I’m being a lazy bugger riding round town - just leave it in second and go for it.

I wonder what sort of maintenance the belt drive requires… And what the replacement intervals are for a new one

The F800S, ST, and GT are all belt drives.

The belts are self adjusting (there is a tensioner), and need to be replaced every 30K, however I have seen reports of the belt only being changed at 60K. As long as there are no tears or nicks should be good for a very long time. Can be changed in about 30 minutes.

Personally I would be looking at the NC700 range, and as Beardy Weirdy pointed out the new CB500 range. The 700 have the advantage of that massive storage compartment where the tank normally would be.

have you looked at an SV or ER6?

both twins, bit different but torquey…

oh and in reply to the original question, I’ve ridden a 2011 CBR600F quite a bit and can tell you that it’d suck as a town bike compared to some of the other options due to being crampt and poor turning circle and it’s quite buzzy at motorway speeds.

I ride a 2011 CBR600F. I’ve had it for 18 months, and I commute about 40 minutes from Essex to London daily. I’m on motorways regularly, and I’ve taken it across to Europe for a couple of long weekends. Although I’ve got nothing to compare it to as I bought it immediately after passing my test, I also don’t have anything to complain about. It ticked a lot of my boxes as a new rider and I don’t feel any need to chop it in for anything alternative anytime soon. There was a slight buzz at motorway speeds and apparently it is a common problem that I solved by replacing the stock windscreen. I’m 6ft 3" and I don’t find it cramped, but like I said, I don’t have anything to compare it to.

I test rode one a couple of months ago and it felt so comfortable straight away, Im 5’5 and it fitted me well. I could easily throw it around the corners and gave me a lot of confidence from the get go. I would easily buy one if I could but now Im after a '02-'03 FireBlade