Anyone got Olympics tickets yet?

I’m still waiting for money to leave my account. The press claimed last night was it but it goes until the 10th June so fingers crossed?

Same here Shiver, but it was my understanding that the money would have been taken up to last night, but your ticket choices revealed on the 10th. I hope I’m wrong and there’s still a chance as most people who have got tickets seemed to have a 25% hit rate and mine is currently a big fat zero.

I think you should be forced to live in Stratford for 6 months before you are allocated a ticket.

That should lower the people wanting tickets. :smiley:

Stratfordians aren’t the only ones who are going to suffer:pinch:

someone on breakfast news this morning had £11K taken from his account and still doesn’t know which events he’s got :w00t:

No the applications will still be processed up until the 10th and on the 24th you’ll find out what you’ve got.

The press have got everyone thinking that’s it as loads of people I know are pissed they havnt got anything so if they spend the money and get a successful application they won’t get it due to lackof cleared funds.

Personally i think the whole ticket ordering thing is a complete balls up. A bloke on the news yesterday said it resembled going shopping and paying for your groceries first and then getting home and hopefully you have something close to what you wanted:w00t:

I was going to buy some tickets but when i realised you were not guaranteed what you will see and where you will be seated i didn’t bother.

The whole thing will turn into a catastrophe and we will be yet again a laughing stock to the rest of the world. Maybe it was a good thing we didn’t get the World Cup :stuck_out_tongue:

All in all I couldn’t care less about the Olympics in general, but this is just ridiculous.
Surely you’d expect to be able to see what you wanted to see in the first place when you buy a ticket for an event, and not randomly something somewhere?

My comment was more aimed at the fact that Stratfordians have been suffering for years due to living in one of the poorest and most deprived areas of London with an escalating crime rate, inflationary prices on housing due to “developments”, a falling social housing stock, failing schools, failing hospitals, failing public transport and on top of all of this, massive disruption caused by the Olympics and the largest shopping center to be built in Europe.

Yet how many of those can afford to place bids on Olympic tickets and just leave vast sums of money in their accounts on the off chance that they win?

Bearing in mind the comment above about “poorest”.

This entire process has been a sham to exclude the poor of our communities from actually attending the Olympics. Though I am sure I will be reminded of some minor amount of tickets awarded to “local” people…get the numbers and let’s compare to the number of tickets awarded to VIPs and to corporate interests, I wonder what the outcome of that comparison will be.

I seem to remember it said on the news that £500m was to be raised from the private sale of tickets.

Having worked in both the stadium and Westfield, they are incredible places that should bring money to the area, but when I went over the road to the current Stratford market/shopping centre (awesome old school rabbit warren type market) I couldn’t help feel a bit that that it will probably die off.

It’s not gonna happen over here again for a long time so I was happy to give it a go and get any tickets

I got some :smiley:

Agree with everything you say Kaos, but don’t forget that Stratford is not the only site.:slight_smile:

Me too :smiley: Not sure what but hopeful the women’s beach volleyball came in :cool:

Jetstream (01/06/2011)

Yeah but I don’t live in any of them places lol :D:D:D

Very well put Kaos, I couldn’t agree more.

So… Who else Has got tickets?

I have just one to say to you…

Move somewhere else :smiley:

I lucked into some hellashish tickets this month… Got nominated at work and made the Presidents list… prize… Olympic tkts, what kind… OPEN :w00t: Apparently the tickets allow you access to any area, any event. Might be because my company is one of the sponsors for the Olympics… dunno…

No as i didn’t apply for them.